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Proudly Awarded
at the 2023 World Vodka Awards

Our very own Alibi Vodka from Backroads Spirits Co. has done the unimaginable by winning the World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka at the 2023 World Vodka Awards based in the United Kingdom. Having started a little under two years ago, this award came as a surprise to our family-owned and operated micro-distillery!


The World Vodka Awards are the global awards responsible for selecting the best vodkas from around the world. The awarding process takes place with a panel of esteemed international judges, ranging from industry experts, leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers and other distillers, conducting a blind taste test in a series of rounds. Firstly, gold medals and the best vodka are selected from each country before all the winners from around the world then being  tasted against one another to select the World’s Best Vodka. The Saskatchewan-made Alibi Vodka was awarded World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka and Canada’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka competing against vodkas and distilleries from around the world. The judges from the competition described Alibi Vodka as, “Clean and smooth with a bit of citrus and other fruity notes. Bright and fresh, staying cool on the palate.”

World's Best Pure Neutral Vodka

News Articles

Wakaw's Own
Backroads Spirits Co. 

Set in the heart of Wakaw, Saskatchewan, approximately 45 minutes northeast of Saskatoon and 30 minutes south of Prince Albert, Backroads Spirits Co. is the first micro-distillery in the area. The name "Wakaw" comes from the Cree language meaning "crooked," in reference to the nearby Wakaw Lake that stretches nearly 20 kilometers and houses hundreds of cabins inhabited year-round. Backroads Spirits Co. is located on 1st Street south in Wakaw in the original Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) retail liquor store building that was used from 1980 to 2018.

IMG_7847 2.heic
100% Family
A Full Family Operation

Like many other businesses in Saskatchewan, Backroads Spirits Co. is pleased to be a full-family operation. Owners Ray and Sandi and their two sons Chase and Cruz, are proud to now not only call one another family but co-workers as well. 

Having called the town of Wakaw, Saskatchewan home for nearly 25 years we are excited to continue to call the community and its surrounding towns and residents, family as well. As everyone knows Saskatchewan is one giant family, so from our Sasky family to yours, "cheers" as we look forward to you trying our products.






A New Era of Distilling
Integrating Modern Technology
With a Timeless Tradition

Distilling is a proud tradition with a rich history that has been around for hundreds of years. When creating Backroads Spirits Co. we envisioned a micro-distillery where modern technology is embraced, but the tradition and heritage of distilling is not forgotten. With the use of our ultra-modern distilling equipment, we are capable of producing any type of spirit imaginable all within one still, rather than the use of multiple stills like in other distilleries. Our high-tech still through the use of intelligent artificial automation also allows us to produce top-tier products with higher consistency. This advanced technology and design also allow for our processes to be more efficient offering the capability to be up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional stills. This piece of modern distilling equipment is an extension of our vision where modern technology is integrated with a timeless tradition. Oh, and did we mention our still can even connect to our smartphones!

Alibi Vodka Logo




Backroads Spirits
A Name Fit For Our Province

With Saskatchewan having a total of over 250,000 kilometers of roads, the most out of any province in Canada, we chose a name that uniquely represents our entire province. And as the residents of Saskatchewan know quite well, those 250,000 kilometers of roads are more than just open highways.


It is the miles and miles of gravel and dirt backroads that help define and provide the backbone for our province. Stretching from the far north to the far south, east to west, all across our province backroads are used daily as an important method of getting from place to place. 


Whether you take a backroad every day or once a year, backroads are an important part of our province's DNA, with the road less traveled always seeming to be the most memorable one. 


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